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The ultimate python course for beginners

>Hello World_ is a 12-week programme designed for coding enthusiasts, aged 10+ who want to start their programming journey! Coding is the language of the future and the sooner your child becomes skilled at it the better. There is no previous coding experience required and all concepts are explained in simple ways. By learning how to code with Python, students will acquire great logic and problem solving skills. All kids will finish the course by creating their own project and they will receive a certificate from >Hello World_ and Leagues of Code that they can include in future applications.

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Only 12,99€ per week as a one-off payment of 150€.

If the student doesn’t love the course in the first two weeks, there is a money-back guarantee.

Learn from the best and brightest coders in the industry

>Hello World_ is taught by award-winning computer experts who have created a comprehensive introductory course to the world of coding and computer programming. They have extensive experience motivating and training young students and after six years of experience in the field of online education, they found the perfect scholastic formula for children to comprehend and retain information.
      Our instructors are official OIE (Olympiad Informática Española) trainers and, on April 2022, they coached Harbour.Space's team that won gold and silver medals at the SWERC (Southwestern Europe Regional Contest) programming contest. This is the first victory of a Spanish University since 2015.
      There is no doubt that with our teachers  your child will be in the best possible hands to begin their coding journey.   

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Course highlights

Being part of >Hello World_ will give you access to 12 live classes, practice exercises, webinars, and the right to use the recordings for life.

Live Classes
Optional practice

Live Classes

Parents can choose Thursdays 18:00 CET or Sundays 10:00 CET for their kids to attend class (in case of emergency, the days can be swapped). On the chosen day, students will have two 40 minutes classes with a 10 minutes break in between. There will also be an optional 30 minutes Q&A session afterwards. At the classes students will do a hands-on exercise with the help of their instructor.

Practice exercises

The teacher will give additional (optional) excercises so keen learners can practice and improve at home.


Once a month learners will have a one-hour webinar on topics related to the future of IT: robots, machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and much more.  

Who is this course for and our teaching approach

>Hello World_ is the ideal beginner Python course for kids 10+. All classes are in English, and there is no previous math or coding experience required!

During their 12-week journey, learners will be taught how to write simple instructions with Python, advancing every week until they are able to create their own program. With our teaching approach, kids will stay involved and will feel encouraged to keep going and improving every week. All students will finish the course by creating their own project; achieving this, will give them a true sense of joy and accomplishment.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate from >Hello World_ and Leagues of Code that they can include in their future college applications.

Age 10+

Live Classes

Thursdays or Sundays

Learn to code and create pixel art

After taking the course students will be able to write programs using Python programming language. They will also be able to create basic pixel art by using Turtle graphics library.  

Through this program students will...

Develop logical thinking

Coding and logical thinking go hand-in-hand. While kids learn to code they will also become skilled at analyzing information, paying attention to details, outlining ideas, and testing solutions.

Build problem-solving skills

Students will be able to determine why an issue is happening and how to resolve it. This skill will not only be useful for coding, but for the rest of their lives.


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Only 12,99€ per week as a one-off payment of 150€.

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